All India Primary TET Question CTET 2012

All India Primary Teachers Eligibility Test CTET 2012

Previous Year Question Paper January 2012, June 2012, Janury 2011, June 2011 with answer.

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Download Previous Years All India TET Questions

TET January 2011 

TET June 2011

TET January 2012

TET June 2012


CTET 2012  with answer

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21 Replies to “All India Primary TET Question CTET 2012”

  1. These sample questions would really help us to get a clear idea about the questions may come in the examinations. I do really appreciate your kind effort of attaching some of the sample questions along with previous years’ questions paper….
    I would like to thank you for the same…


    Paramita Mitra Basu…?Birshibpur…………

  2. I do not think these will be of any help.. these are merely sample …actual questions paper will be really tough, will not be any match with the question paper. There are many books available in teh market get hold of few of these or the best I would say will be if you can read thoroughly study madhyamik syllebus for english, bengali and environmental science..this would of great help and will help you to secure good marks in the examinations.

    I wish all the success to everyone who are appearing for this examination.


  3. This Sample questions are not very necessary for us…

    এর থেকে ভাল বাড়িতে বসে ক্লাস ix & x -er বই পরা।।

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