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  • WBBPE TET Question and Answer Key 2012-2013

    WB Primary TET Question & Answer Download.

    Download WBBPE TET Question and OMR Answer Key that was held on 31st March 2013.
    Question & Answer of Primary Teacher Recruitment under West Bengal Board of Primary Education 2013.
    Link given below Only Question is given, Answer will be given latter. In the mean time you may write answer that you think correct in comment section or in facebook wbbpe page.

    Answer will be given later. You may write answer in comment section if you correct answer with consultations etc.
    Expected Qualifying Marks for TET Exam is to be low

    Published on November 29, 2013 · Filed under: TET;

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  1. Sumit jain said on

    please publish it soon:-) :-) :-)

  2. Mahmudul Hasan said on

    As soon as posible. It is more deficalt than SSC TET or any other state tet exam.

  3. Result kabe….?

  4. sabar exam kemon holo?result kbe berobe bole mone hy?plz kichu ques and ans ki tote pare keu ektu bolbe plz…..

  5. please publish the question paper soon

  6. Subrata Bose said on

    Very bad type of question in primary TET…………….!

  7. I wrongly marked my question paper no in omr sheet circle and after I erase completely and mark again right circle. So for this reason my question sheet would be cancell?

  8. result kokun berabe?

  9. i want to know tet answer 31th march

  10. kobe beobe “WBBPE TET Question and Answer Key 2012-2013” :D

  11. Kaushik Kumar said on

    please …….publish result…..???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. avik roy said on

    tet e qualify marks kato?

  13. when will publish the primery tet exam result ? Ples, send me primery tet exam question with solving ,2013 .

  14. Dhabal Jha said on

    Please update the questions of Primary TET held on 31March,2013

  15. Meheboob Alam said on

    please publish the question paper of Primary TET (31st March,2013) as soon as possible. Waiting for your publishment. so please…………

  16. answer

  17. pls publish soon said on

    Publish it

  18. Subhankar Adhikary said on

    Taratari Diye Dao Khub Darkar.

  19. nitya goswami said on

    please , question paper published…….late published may be delete my answering memory……so request & beg like a jobless begger

  20. Debabrata Das said on

    Answer kobe berobe?

  21. plz publish the ans key as soon as possible…..waiting im…

  22. please mail me the answers of TET 2013 answer key to my id.

  23. please update with questions

  24. shibsankar sahoo said on

    i will require tet question and ans very soon that make me surity am i passed or failed.

  25. Niharuddin Mallick said on

    plz. sir published of TET Answer paper as son as possible.

  26. Sushanta said on

    Please publish TET answers was held on 31st March,2013 soon.

  27. satyabrath said on

    sir, plz published the question solved of 31st march exam as soon as possible………..eagarly waiting for it……

  28. time khub kam chilo tet r

  29. debdulal sasmal said on


  30. Md Johirul said on

    Sir please update the primary question paper as soon as possible.

  31. SOUMITRA SAMANTA said on

    Please send me the answers of TET 2013 immediately.

  32. arko mitra said on

    i want to know tet answer 31th march

  33. i want to answers of tet 2013.

  34. Sanjay Roy said on

    Is the primay quiestion paper according to the Tet Syllabus?
    In which angle it is aTeacher ability test?
    It wsa a G.K test?

  35. Hasanuz Zaman said on

    Publish it soon.whether some consideration will be entertained regarding the qualification marks of TET owing to the difficulty in math section?Please answer me.

  36. Hari Goswami said on

    Please send primary tet answer.

  37. SUJIT BIASWAS said on

    Please send primary tet answer shirt

  38. ashish chakraborty said on

    please publish question paper…

  39. Ashim Das said on

    Ektu taratari diye deoar chesta korben. Plz

  40. SUJIT MAHANTA said on

    PRIMARY TET ,2013 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS TARATARI UPLOAD KORBEN PLEASE……………………………CUT UP MARKS KI 60% ????????????????????????????????

  41. waleed asghar said on

    when result will be show out?

  42. Faruk ahmed said on

    Please give us answer key of primary tet 2012

  43. Plz send me the answer key of this exam..is’t the exam was very hard…? I also heard that again some people do high court against the exam..is this right?

  44. Ripan Pal said on

    Publish kore ki hobe, kono duplicate copy to deoa hoini….

  45. sir, plz published the question solved of 31st march exam as soon as possible………..eagarly waiting for it…… plzzzzzz

  46. i want quston paper of primary exam which was held at 31th march.

  47. sidhu roy said on

    Plz sir upload primary teacher question answer 2013

  48. Tarak nath mondal said on

    time is very short,cut of marks ki kamaba?

  49. result out after election or before election pl confirm sir

  50. Arup kr.Manna said on

    2012-2013 primary tet question & omr site pls.given……………..

  51. TET result kabe publish hobe?????????

  52. ujjal pramanik said on

    sabar xam kemon hayeche??

  53. surajit paul said on

    when will publish tet result

  54. balaksuman said on

    Plz publishd the questn booklet no, which is given in downlode link…
    Plz update d result’s date..

  55. shubhajit saha said on

    West bengal er state animal er nam ki?

  56. BalakSuman Ghosal said on

    The qustn formt of the TET exam is too easy to understand..:-)
    The Bengali part hav a very easy set of qustn,
    and the English part hav a few tough qustn,but it s not so tough atall,

    and without considering the other two part,if we concentrated ourself in MATH part, it hav some qustn like

    one problem including “LIMITE”,
    is the 10+2 level qustn for science..
    Though i answrd 19 question in 20 given as a science’s student,
    but if we see this frm anather angle of view, it is too tough for a arts and commers student ,some of who r unable to put the answer down ,
    for such type of questn,the AUTHORITY are requested to put their mind on such point of view….

  57. west bengal state animal ‘Fishing cat’

  58. Results ki Ber habe, na High courte jabe, Trnt/Exempted candidates ra ki kono Facelities pabe…..?

  59. shehenman said on

    can not download the pdf file. pls fix it.

  60. Landlooser Candidates(Exempted candidate), ai E.C seate Fillup na hole ki korbe, tather ki kono facilities deoya habe..? E.C ther Sobar Exam kharap hoyechhe, Result..?

  61. md eyasin ansary said on

    Jaldi kore result berole sakoler moner obostha kete jeto. From md eyasin ansary

  62. omr sheet Published

  63. sandip das said on

    when the result of primary tet will publish?

  64. Nimai Das adhikari said on

    when will publish tet result.

  65. when the result of primary tet will publish? please known exact date.

  66. What will be cut off marks? Is it will be below 60?

  67. [...] DOWNLOAD TET Question of WBBPE Primary Teacher recruitment 2012 exam held on 31-03-2013. [...]

  68. Seraj Alam said on

    please, try to publish urdu TET questions and answers.

  69. sir plz send me the questions and answer key of p Tet exam.

  70. Question link http://www.wbbpe.in/download/wbtet2012.pdf

  71. Biswajit said on

    Answer kakhan pabo @Admin

  72. Sujan Das said on

    Answers for the English Section.
    Best Of luck :)
    Choose the correct antonyms of the given words:
    1. Zenith ————————-c. nadir

    2. The environment has been destroyed completely. The phrasal verbs that can be replace the underlined Portion is———————- a. Wiped out

    3. Choose the correct alternatives “ A Passage to India” is a novel written by———- a. E.M. Foster

    4. Choose the correct synonym of the given word: “SLENDER”
    ————————d. Slim

    5. Choose the correct alternative:
    She was singing a song (Active)
    A Song _____________ by her. (Passive)——————- b. Was being sung

    6. Choose the correct alternative :
    Which of the following short stories was written by James Joyce?———–a. Araby

    7. Choose the correct alternative for the underlined expression:
    The situation left him in the horns of Dilemma
    ——————————- c. Unable to decide

    8. Sentence structure :
    a. A tank can be / filled by a tap/ in twenty minutes. / No error———-
    (B) filled by a tap

    9. Choose the correct alternatives
    “Look Back in Anger” was written by————————c. John Osborn

    10. Choose the correct alternatives
    If I ____________ a bird ———————–b. Were

    11. Choose the correct Antonym
    Urban ————————b. Rural

    12. Choose the correct alternatives
    Please don’t _______________ the truth——————a. Hold back

    13. Choose the correct alternatives
    I have never travelled _________ air——————–b. By

    14. Sentence Error
    The host of reputed national and multinational (A) / clients are (B) / a better
    testimonial than the best spoken words. (C) / no error (D)———————–(B) clients are

    15. Mould——————————————-a. Shape

    16. Choose the correct alternatives
    My sister said to me, “Are you well?” (Direct)
    My sister _________me if I ____________ well. (Indirect)
    ——————————-d. Asked, was

    17. Choose the correct alternatives
    I usually go to bed ________ midnight —————————b. At

    18. Choose the correct alternatives
    Who wrote “Arms and the Man”?—————————–a. G. B. Shaw

    19. Choose the correct alternatives
    The weather office had predicted that it __________ (rain) soon.—————–c. Would rain

    20. Choose the correct alternatives
    I know the man (Active)
    The man __________ to me (Passive) ————————b. Is known

  73. Sujan Das said on

    Math answers…………..coming soon

  74. manas mal said on

    Pls open

  75. Result berobe to???

  76. TAFIZUL ANSARY said on

    plz send me the answer key of wbtet 2013

  77. Ans key of math:
    question no: Answer.
    A.the ratio of x% of y: 1.
    B.a bag contain 10 paisa:13.
    C.there are two concentric circle of 13 cm and 12 cm: 10.
    D.if x,y,z are three sum of money: y2=xz.
    E.the length and breath of a cuboid: 2560.
    F.a boy asked to multiply a number by 25…: 12.
    G.in a case of cuboid,N0 donate:N0 N2=N1 2.
    H.there is 2 digit no: 100t 10u 1.
    I. The rank of the matrics: 3.
    To be continued…

  78. Results kabe…? Advance any information have Admin, please give… Any publshd Date you know..?

  79. Environmental science:
    1.discover by ronald ross:kolkata.
    2.dust bowl:soil erosion.
    3.source of methene:paddy field,marshy land,cattle.
    4.island of sundarvan:ghoramara.
    5.great migration: bandipur and corbett.
    6.alcohol in car from sugarcane: brazil.
    7.bhui phore:mound of termite.
    8.talab:water conservation.
    9.production of biodisel:jatropha.
    10.chemical rxn:sulphur is brunt.
    11.sundarvan heritej site:1987.
    12.making plastic from milk:casein.
    13.ozone hole:NO2,CH4,CFC.
    14.takin animal of:bhutan.
    15.deciduous tree:pine.
    16.state animal of wb:fishing cat.
    17.disease from passive smoking:COPD.
    18.arabari:joint forest management.
    20.geo tharmal energy:pune.


  81. ORDER OF THE MATRIX IS IN H.S…..(science stream)

  82. where is the urdu qstion

  83. Many answer given above are wrong.

  84. evs

    decedious tree sal
    Talab is associated with water conservation
    Dust Bowl soil erosion
    Malaria discovery in Kolkata
    Geothermal surat
    state animal fishing cat
    production of Bio diesel jatropha
    arabari joint forest management
    chemical reaction sulphur is burnt
    insecticide rotenone

    sunderban heritage 1987

    bhui phore mound of termite
    plastic from milk caesin

    disease passive smoking COPD

    takin Bhutan
    ozone option (d)
    great migration

  85. URDU
    1 AAG KA DARYA kurat ulain haider
    3 FIRST WOMEN GOVERNOR saroni naidu
    4 AIN E AKBARI abul fazl
    6 KHAKAN E HIND zauk
    7 MAGHRIB TAHZIB KE KHELAF akbar allahbadi
    8 SHER mir dard
    9 JNAPITH AWARD farkh gorakhpuri
    10 MARSIA lambi nazm jisme musalsal…(a)
    11ANARKALI imtiyaz ali taaz
    12 SAHIR LUDHINAWI abdul haii
    13 SAHAR UL BEYAN mir hasan
    14 DABISTAN do (two)
    15 AANKH………………. mohawra
    16DILLI KO KISNE………. sherwani
    17 EILM O UROJ ( )
    18 SC SOCIETY/ANGLO COLLEGE sir syed ahmed khan
    19 GHUBAR E KHATIR khatoot ka majmua

  86. Asish Mahato said on

    Environmental Science
    1. Mosquito is the vector of Malaria – which city of india is famous for this discovery by Ronald Ross? Secundrabad
    2. The word “Dust Bowl” is connected with which phenomenon: Soil erosion
    3. The source of Methane Gas: Paddy field , Marshy land and cattles
    4. Which island of Sundarban is submerged under water due to Global Warming: Lohachara Island
    5. In between which forest “Great Migration” take place? Perrier and kanha
    6. In which country Alcohol derived from sugarcane uses as a car fuel: Brazil
    7. The word “Bhui Phore” ( বুআ ফপ োঁড় ) is connected with which option: Mound of termite
    8. Which of the following item is connected with the word “Talab” (ত র ফ):Water conservation
    9. Which of the following plants is in use for production of biodiesel? Atropha
    10. Which of the following is a chemical change: Sculpture is burnt
    11. In which year ঳ুন্দযফন was declared as world heritage sight by UNESCO: 1987
    12. Which component of milk is used for making plastic: Casein
    13. Which of the following gases cause ozone hole in the stratosphere: CH4, CFC. SO2
    14. ট কিন is the national animal of which of the following countries: Bhutan
    15. Which of the following tree is a deciduous ( ঩ত্রভচী) tree: Sal
    16. What is the state animal of West begal: Fishing cat
    17. Which diseases is caused by passive smoking: COPD
    18. Arabari (অয ফ কয) is famous for: Joint forest management
    19. Which of the following plant extract is used as a insecticide: Rotenone
    20. Geo thermal energy is used for the first time in which of the following city in India: Chandigarh

  87. Md. Naushad Alam said on

    Tabrez bhai, Assalamo Alaikum!
    Kya aap confirm hai ki 5.LAHOLAWALA KUATE ka answers rubaii hi hoga, mere khayal se toh marsia honi chahiye qki isme mazhabi lafz ka istamal hota hai.

  88. pls publish the answer key………

  89. Answer key… Dia ki habe, ki habe…?? ja Ghatar ta Ghotchhe..! Sudhu wait for Results, and time Unlimited…
    SSC 9th Month….
    ## Praimary—————-
    Respect sir,
    praimary Results Berhote ki deri habe,,? Kono Court er bepar thakle please Up to date korben, tobuo kon Month e Result berote pare, published korle valo hoy..? Keno late hochhe(setao jodi update koreden)..?
    Thank you.

  90. The Website http://www.wbbpe.in
    is an UNOFFICIAL helping website.

    Note: It is NOT associated with West Bengal Board ofPrimary Education, but related news and link can be found here.

    *koi related news…?
    *Unofficel Helpline, koi Reply…! Kindly any Information releted with TET Result published Here..
    Thank you.

  91. goutam D said on

    lots of wrong answers in the section of eve….
    Ronald Ross—–Kolkata
    BhuinPhore……banger chhata..not mound of termites….ref…..news channel ……Chit fund…

  92. on which day result published?

  93. Subhankar Adhikary said on

    Psychology & Mathematics Er Uttor Ta Dieo

  94. Anirban Mondal said on

    1.If x y and z are three sums of money such that y is the simple interest of x and z is the simple interest on y
    for the same time and rate, then the relation between x, y and z is
    answer= y2 = xz
    2.In case of a cuboid, N0 denotes the number of vertices, N1 the number of edges, and N2 the number
    of faces, than
    answer= N0 + N2 = N1 + 2
    3. There is a 2-digit number in which the digit in tens’ place is “t” and the digit in unit place is “U”. The digit “1”
    is placed to right of “U”. The value

  95. Result kabe?

  96. Result ……..Jaldiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…

  97. Arindam Das said on

    result ki baraba na????????/
    jago bondhu jago…….

  98. aj “BARTAMAN” newspaper e likheche, May mas er sesh kore Primary TET er Result ber Hocche…..

  99. shazia said on

    sir tet exam ki result kab niklegi??? aur cut off kitna hoga pls reply…..

  100. subrata chowdhury said on

    result berobe kobe?

  101. Kumaresh said on

    some body they are telling at the end of May “WBTET-2012′s” result will be announced, is it true/wrong?

  102. Kumaresh said on

    Kindly published Child Development and English answers

  103. ji Naushad sahab main bilkul sure hoon aur ye jawab sahi hai……

  104. Ayan Ghosh said on

    Result kabe,plz keo janan na.


  106. Subhankar Adhikary said on

    Mathematics & Psychology Answare Ta Deben Sir Please. Khub Upokrito Hobo.

  107. MOINUDDIN said on

    math ans
    5.b-2560 cm2

  108. soma talukdar said on

    when result will publish??????????

  109. Sirajul Islam said on

    I am about to forget that i have given Exam.Don’t know anything about result .
    Will it be published???? Only GOD knows !!

  110. Ayan Ghosh said on

    The rank of matrix er ans?

  111. is it correct that only 9305 candiate in w.b only clear primary tet?

  112. Ayan Ghosh said on

    tomar source ta ki jante pari,je matro 9305 candidate tet qualify koreche!

  113. Raju das said on

    Bijoy tomar jana uchit je panchyet election er jonnya embergo cholche.tai sarkari kaj sob kaj ekhan bondho ache…….tai ami mone kori a guli vul news.

  114. দক্ষিন ২৪ পরগনা জেলার প্রাইমারি টিচার্স পরীক্ষার রেজাল্ট কবে বেরবে?

  115. Kumaresh Mondal said on

    Any body knows, when the West Bengal Primay Tet result will come???… Pls… tell me…

  116. Shantanu Khanra said on

    Dear sir,
    why are you not published Bengali and Child development answer?
    Please publish both answer as soon as possible.

  117. north ২৪ parganas জেলার প্রাইমারি টিচার্স পরীক্ষার রেজাল্ট কবে বেরবে?

  118. Ayan Ghosh said on

    English correction-A host of multinational-ai correction ta kato dag habe-B/C.plz janao.

  119. Naimuddin kaji said on

    Plse imform the result of primary exam.

  120. Ayan Ghosh said on

    Sujan Das english duto correction a tomar answer aktu explain karo na,plz.

  121. panchait voter par result out hobe, 14/7/13 Bartaman paper e likheche!

  122. 14/7/13 Bartaman paper er 1st page dakho, sob jante parbe.

    Suprime courte boleche dec. 2013 er moddhe, ei requitment karte hobe,

    tai voter parei tet er result ber karar sirdhanto, WB GOVT. er…


  123. sujan das said on

    A tank can be / filled by a tap/ in twenty minutes. I think it should be
    tank can be filled with a tap in twenty minutes bcoz we use BY when it is done by any living thing. totally my guess.

    The host of reputed national and multinational (A) / clients are (B) / a better
    testimonial than the best spoken words. It should be Clients is bcoz the “is” or “are” should be decided on the basis of Subject which is THE HOST here which is SINGULAR number so it should be “IS” not “ARE”

  124. sujan das said on

    8 er ta no error o hte pare

  125. Goutam Basak said on

    Vacancy koto aachhe?
    non-trained der ki aalada panel hobe?
    trained & non-trained duto panel ki aksathe berube? Sab district er result ki ekoi sathe publish hobe? Plz. Janaben.

  126. ponchayet voter result to pray saser potha.ai ber ki kindly bolban adao result ki baroba? ar barola kon mass ar koto tariker modha baroba?

  127. sumanta mahato said on

    Answer published soon plz

  128. deepak das said on

    panchayet election er age media er samne result beronor katha bala R RESULT ber kara duto alada jinish…………………..dekki…ki hoy?

  129. Agaust last weak result habe

  130. Nandalal Biswas said on

    I want to know the date of primary TET results

  131. sawtali languse

  132. Kamal Seikh said on

    I want to know the date of primary TET results

  133. suman bera said on

    20 sept er por result. Kanona 20 sept suprim court e tet er bapare churan to ray debe.

  134. Ami answer shit a question code ar gol ta fill korte vule ge6e kintu box a type kore6e kono problem hobe

  135. faruk chowdhury said on

    100% sure 23 sept result……………………
    100% sure 23 sept result……………………
    100% sure 23 sept result……………………

  136. kumaresh said on

    Mr. Faruk, what is your source that you are sure primary tet result will be published on 23rd September 2013… and one more what is Supreme court matter ?

  137. P KARMAKAR said on

    result kobe bar habe
    p tet are

  138. dada,bengali. r child psychology er answer gulo din pls.

  139. Bengali question:
    61-pakhi sab kare rab- madan mohan tarkalankar
    62-Akkel Selami- bokamir khesarat
    63-gupi gayen bagha bayen- Upendra Kishor Roychoudhury
    64-sabcheye nabin goyenda- byomkesh boksi
    65-sisuder potrika-Suktara
    68-bakye gathongato vul-kebolmatro sudhu meyerai bosbe
    69-bananti vul-Nrisangso
    70-sahaj pather chobi ekechen-Nandalal Bosu
    71-narayan gangopadhay-Tenida
    72-Gulliver’s Travels-Jonathan Swift
    74-anando ghrina,voy prokasher chinho- !
    75-Gopal rakhal galpo lekhen-bidyasagar
    78-chander pahar-bibhutibhusan

  140. pls Dada child phycology rr ans din. &exact date of primary teacher result.

  141. suman bera said on

    where is child psychology answer?

  142. result kabe out habe ami khud exite.

  143. Manirul Islam said on

    5th september will be betet result publish

  144. what will be the cut off marks? if it will be decrease?

  145. KRISHNA DAS said on

    vacancy er details ta pleas janaben

  146. please leave result soon.can’t wait long time for it.

  147. how i follow answer key on my quitions paper.

  148. Babusona Biswas said on

    Mr.Gopal ami bujte parchi na tumi N.Biswas-ar comment kothie vul dekcho but ami sure je tomar language…….

  149. Piyali Chanda said on

    sir September e ki tet er result out hobe? please inform kobe berobe result

  150. Laltu Sardar said on


  151. Laltu Sardar said on


  152. PRAKASH KUIRI said on

    result ki adou berobe?

  153. anita manna said on

    rerslt koba baroba??????????????????

  154. Mahendra Shit said on

    primary result ki legal way te berobe?naki purba medinipur er mato result berobe?

  155. Primary Teacher Result kobe berobe r Interviwe kobe hobe???????????????????????????????????

  156. amader rslt kobe..?

  157. Primary result kobe ber hobe??? r eto deri keno hoche?r ja question hoyeche seta to wbtet na ics er question.cgl standart…onno state er sathe compare kore dekhun tet ei 1st na

  158. Bubai Ganguly said on

    Total 3600 undivided paschim medinipore court case matter how long to take primary teacher recuritmenting in this post???
    New appoitment how long to take new result published???

  159. Rinku khan said on

    banglai prathomik siksha to noi sompur rupe Rajniti cholche

  160. PRODIP SARKAR said on

    Thanks for answer keys.

    Result publish kobe hobe? Poriksha ki batil hote pare?

  161. PRODIP SARKAR said on

    plz child development& pedagogyr ans key din.

  162. debjyoti biswas said on

    tet er result berobe pujor aage. kono case face tikbe na suprem courter order, niog na hole school gulur obostha kharap hoe jachche. bondho hoe jachee school gulo. 2to teacher diee 4te class porano somvob!

  163. Laltu Sardar said on

    Result kobe?

  164. debojoti bolchi court ja ray debe gov ta mante badho

  165. debjyoti biswas said on

    @suman, state govt. jodi teacher na nei tahole govt. ke uttor dite hobe j se kivabe prathomic sikhaa k tikie rakhbay. infra na thakle school gulo bondho hoee jabe. kolkarkhana o bondho school o bondho manus kothai jabe

  166. debjyoti biswas said on

    ami jotodur jani sept. sesher dikei result berobe, mane pujor aage. dekha jak. best of luck to all.

  167. suman bera said on

    debojoti. seta tumi bhabcho govt babche na… s.s.c ta to dekhcho tin bochor dhore niyog hoche…… ptet result 2013 te na berole non d.ed ar pass korleo chakri pabe na.

  168. PRODIP SARKAR said on

    Friends hope for the best…

  169. result kobe?

  170. AbuTaleb Rahaman said on

    wb praimary tet result kobe dibe..

  171. suman bera said on

    result berobe na. 100 taka puro manik babu churi korlo amder kach tekhe.

  172. Pls published answeer key of wbbpe

  173. Soumen Dasbairagya said on

    Plz.supply d answer keys of child psychology & pedapogy quick

  174. Kajal Mondal said on

    Respected sir,
    I want to know when the primary tet exam result will be published ?

  175. ekhon sun6i rslt pujar por..Dcmbr er moddhea niog..ta6ara 4 dike ja sun6i somosto d.ed der niea nebe..non trained tahole ki dos korlo…? govt keno exam nilo..?

  176. Soumen Dasbairsgya said on

    Plz published d wbbpe tet result soon.

  177. achcha ami 2005-06 e basic training diye chilam banipur diet theke
    kintu apnara sabai janen oi samai ota bandho hoe giyechilo.
    familir chape ota ar khoj nite pari ni.tar admit card,registration certificate sob ache ei bapare ami kono faciliti pabo.anugraha kore amake janan

  178. Sujit Kumar said on

    Sulam pujar age result bar hobe kintu holo na, ta result ki pujar pore bar hobe . . . Na abar highcote hobe. . . .plz janio. . .bay bay

  179. 9333135480...md imran ansari said on

    result plz

  180. Biplab Mukherjee said on

    Result sombhobto Pujor Por Barobay

  181. Avijit Sen said on

    friendsss…ekhon sobai valo kore pujo dekho….pujor por result sun6i…..tobe 100% sure na….only God know when result will publish……soooo Enjoy Durga Pujo…

  182. Abuzar Hossain said on

    Kuch pata nahi chal rahahe kia hoga nahi hoga result milega ya nahi milega sayed lagata court ka darbaja khatkhatana padega

  183. Primary TET er result kobe berobe ???????????????/

  184. Chakrir asa 6re pagol ar moto ghurai valo. 6hi a ki

  185. tet er result r berobe bole mone hy!
    trainer candidate ke bad dibe bole ki parikolpito bhabe ei tet …………!!!

  186. jahiruddin Mondal said on

    primary result kobe??please

  187. 3.10.2013:er highcouter result jannte chai.

  188. Soumen Dasbairagya said on

    plz publish d result b4 puja.questions were not so hard.then why so late to publish d result?

  189. sumit biswas said on

    What is the news from court..??

  190. Asha kori BANGALIR SERA UTSOB’ SARODIAR’ BEST Upahar hobe pry TET Result

  191. Shankar Shah said on

    Hi can any one please tell me if the result is out ? If not when would it come , if yes where to check it from, Thanks :)

  192. ami primary question gulo dakhe miliye chilam motamuti 65 er mato hachhe kintu kichu doubt ache jemon enviorment first energy sourse kolkata howar katha (metro),vui fore banger chata howar katha ,arabari ta na jane andaje karechi.dakha jac ki hai eshar ssc ta kareche am ar kach thake ,tai tar upar akta rag to raeiche.

  193. primary result niye ora rajnitir khel khalche.amar centre a giye dakhi amar roll no e chilo na , centre a jingas karlam kano ata hayeche ora ballo amader kache roll no e aseni .ami jante chai amader sathe ki chale khala khalche, amar ki khata adeo dakha habe?

  194. Soumen Dasbairagya said on

    how many days take to publish result after puja?

  195. Manirul Islam said on

    tet result will be publish within 25th oct .100% sure because, tet is no problem any way from high court.

  196. tet result will be publish within11
    th nov 100% sure.

  197. Sir, Please publish TET result, Now all puja like Durga Puja, Laxmi puja and Kaali puja all are over. Please publish as soon as possible…

  198. Ki ho66e rajneeti? Na recruit ment

  199. Sumit Dutta said on

    Jara pass mark tulte pereche tara sobai qualify koreche kintu bishesh montabbo ,200 jon qualify k 300 kora hoyeche but 300 qualify k 200 kora hoy ni tai bondhura akhane dosher kichhu nei.

  200. najmun nahar said on

    interview qualified results kon site dekhbo

  201. prasanta sarkar said on

    kobe final result?

  202. ASHIM CHAKRABORTY said on

    I Ashim Chakraborty seated for primary TET exam last year but did not qualify,my date of birth is 03/11/1973. As per your rules can I get another chance to be a Primary Teacher?

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